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Crowdsourcing insights and predictions to facilitate investments for everyone. Students, investors and traders become analysts to predict stock movements and share stock analyses to measure their skills and acquire profound knowledge fast and easily.

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We provide the platform that will make you a better investor


Select your favorite stock, set a target price and determine a suitable timespan. The more accurate your predictions are, the more owlpoints. you will make.


Earn badges to proof that you have it in you and get access to special perks from us and our partners.


Compare your owlpoints. with others and see how you stack up against your friends.

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Share insights on your favorite companies and learn from others to discover better trades.


owlpoints. represent your investing skills. The more bold and accurate your predictions are, the more owlpoints. you will make.


Compete with friends to find the best stock analyst and win badges and special prizes!






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Become a sophisticated investor in no time and get better returns

  • Build a track record to show future employers
  • Compete with friends to find the best stock analyst and win badges
  • Discover new investment opportunities fast and easily
  • Save time to enjoy the little things in life

Why use owlhub.

owlhub. offers a platform to experience being an analyst and incentivizes thoughtful and serious predictions by punishing inaccuracy (loss of performance points) and rewarding great performance with badges. Furthermore, you can build a track record on our platform that you can refer to when applying for internships, investment club memberships or jobs. By performing well, you climb the ranking and acquire followers. Moreover, they can prove their skills by competing in challenges against other individuals or help their universities and clubs win against rivals. Through a clear focus on the user experience and clean design, we enable you to easily understand and evaluate the data shared on owlhub..

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Outperform the market by means of the crowd

Beat the market.

Predict future share movements and collect owlhub. points. Select your favorite stocks and make your bets. Collect owlhub. points if the share price moves in your favor. The more accurate your prediction, the more points you will earn.


Compete with friends.

Compare your results. See how your investing skills measure up against those of your friends and the owlhub. community. Set up your own competitions, where you make the rules and see whose strategy works best. Share your score on Twitter and Facebook.


Find the hottest trades.

See what is trending. Explore how other investors value a stock. Spot the trends and get in before the opportunity cools down. Find new favorite stocks in the industries you are interested in and discuss your opinion with others.

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