About us

Hendrik Makait, Founder.

When Hendrik is not occupied with keeping his caffeine levels high by heavy consumption of maté, he is studying Computer Science and Business Management. Beyond his extensive knowledge of eCommerce, the team profits from Hendrik’s analytical and mathematical skills.

Three things I love:

Jonas Tebbe, Founder.

In his obligatory Hilfiger shirt and Fred Perry sweater, Jonas easily could be mistaken as a prig. This impression is supported by his passion for high-quality watches. But don't be fooled by his looks. The Computer Science and Business Management student is a technology aficionado, who is a gifted web developer and an evenly skilled finance nut.

Three things I love:

Arne Zeising, Founder.

Arne is a Computer Science and Business Management student with a true passion for snowboard movies. When he is not busy crunching numbers, tracking financial markets, or following the latest trends in web development, he can be found on the hallowed turf playing soccer at HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst.

Three things I love:

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